About Us

We’re a dedicated team of passionate consumer advocates to provide in-depth answers to the questions of products, local stores, eCommerce stores, supermarkets, retail stores, and services like delivery, food, etc.

We are dedicated to answer your questions about the amazon, Walmart, Costco and others retail store and supermarket. We have a experienced team in answering the consumer related queries. Our aim is to provide you with accurate information on all aspects of these stores including their policies, procedures, pricing, promotions, deals, coupons, etc. 

Our Dedicated Team Members

David Maheu

David Maheu | Founder & CEO

David Q. Maheu graduated with MS in Business Analytics. He has worked in the supermarket and retail stores as a Consumer Product Manager. David is the head of consumer product writer of MyStateFacts.com

Theresa W Hughes
Theresa W Hughes

Theresa W Hughes | Product Expert

Theresa W Hughes is a consumer product expert of MyStateFacts.com. She is now working full-time to provide in-depth answers to consumer product queries.