Does Costco Accept Express Scripts?

If you’re a member of Costco and rely on Express Scripts for your prescription drug coverage, you may be wondering whether Costco accepts Express Scripts.

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What is Express Scripts?

Express Scripts is one of the largest pharmacy benefit management companies in the United States. It works with health insurance providers and employers to administer prescription drug programs.

Express Scripts negotiates with pharmaceutical manufacturers to secure lower prices for medications and provides a convenient way for individuals to access their prescription medications.

Overview of Costco

Costco is a popular membership-based warehouse club that offers a wide range of products, including groceries, household items, electronics, and prescription medications. Costco is known for its competitive prices and high-quality products.

It operates pharmacies within its warehouse stores, making it convenient for members to fill their prescriptions while shopping for other items.

Partnership between Costco and Express Scripts

Costco has a partnership with Express Scripts, which means that Costco pharmacies accept Express Scripts prescription drug coverage.

This partnership allows Costco members with Express Scripts coverage to access their prescription medications at Costco pharmacies and take advantage of the negotiated prices and savings provided by Express Scripts.

Prescription Drug Coverage at Costco

Costco pharmacies accept a variety of prescription drug coverage plans, including Express Scripts. Whether you have private insurance, Medicare Part D, or Medicaid, you can typically use your Express Scripts coverage at Costco.

It’s important to check with your insurance provider or Express Scripts directly to confirm the specific details of your coverage and any restrictions or limitations that may apply.

How to Use Express Scripts at Costco

To use your Express Scripts coverage at Costco, you’ll need to present your Express Scripts prescription drug card at the pharmacy counter. The pharmacist will then process your prescription and apply the appropriate coverage and pricing based on your plan.

It’s recommended to have your prescription information and Express Scripts card readily available when visiting a Costco pharmacy to ensure a smooth and efficient experience.

Cost Comparison: Express Scripts vs. Costco

When it comes to the cost of prescription medications, both Express Scripts and Costco offer competitive pricing. Express Scripts negotiates with pharmaceutical manufacturers to secure lower prices, while Costco uses its buying power to provide members with discounted rates.

It’s beneficial to compare prices between Express Scripts and Costco for your specific medications to determine where you can find the best savings.

Benefits of Using Express Scripts at Costco

Using Express Scripts at Costco offers several benefits. First, you can conveniently fill your prescriptions while shopping for other items at Costco, saving you time and effort.

Additionally, Costco’s competitive pricing, combined with the negotiated rates through Express Scripts, can result in significant cost savings. Furthermore, Costco’s pharmacies often have extended hours, making it easier to pick up your medications at a time that suits your schedule.

Limitations of Using Express Scripts at Costco

While using Express Scripts at Costco provides many advantages, it’s essential to be aware of some limitations.

Costco pharmacies may not stock all medications, so there might be instances where a specific medication is not available at Costco. In such cases, you may need to use a different pharmacy or work with your healthcare provider to explore alternative options.

Additionally, Costco’s pharmacies may have restrictions on certain specialty medications or limited formulary options. It’s crucial to review your prescription drug coverage and consult with your healthcare provider to ensure that Costco can fulfill your specific medication needs.

Tips for Maximizing Prescription Drug Savings at Costco

  1. Compare prices: Before filling your prescription, compare the prices between Costco and other pharmacies, including Express Scripts. This will help you determine where you can get the best value for your money.
  2. Consider generic alternatives: Generic medications are often more affordable than their brand-name counterparts. Ask your healthcare provider if a generic version of your prescribed medication is available and if it’s suitable for you.
  3. Utilize Costco’s Prescription Program: Costco offers a Prescription Program for members who do not have prescription drug coverage. This program provides discounted prices on a wide range of medications.
  4. Take advantage of Costco’s Mail Order Pharmacy: If you take maintenance medications regularly, consider using Costco’s Mail Order Pharmacy. This service allows you to have your prescriptions delivered to your doorstep, saving you time and potentially offering additional cost savings.
  5. Review your insurance coverage regularly: Insurance plans and prescription drug formularies can change over time. It’s important to review your coverage annually to ensure that Costco and Express Scripts remain your best options for prescription drug savings.


Can I use my Express Scripts coverage at any Costco location?

Yes, your Express Scripts coverage can be used at any Costco pharmacy across the United States.

Are all medications available at Costco pharmacies?

While Costco pharmacies offer a wide range of medications, there may be instances where a specific medication is not stocked. It’s recommended to check availability in advance.

Can I use my Express Scripts coverage for over-the-counter medications at Costco?

No, Express Scripts coverage is generally limited to prescription medications and may not apply to over-the-counter products.

Can I use Express Scripts at Costco without a membership?

No, you need to be a Costco member to access their pharmacy services, including using Express Scripts coverage.

Can I transfer my prescriptions from another pharmacy to Costco?

Yes, you can transfer your prescriptions to Costco pharmacies. Simply provide the necessary information, and the pharmacy staff will assist you in the transfer process.


In conclusion, Costco does accept Express Scripts for prescription drug coverage. As a member, you can conveniently use your Express Scripts coverage at Costco pharmacies, take advantage of competitive pricing, and potentially save money on your prescription medications. However, it’s important to be aware of the limitations and restrictions that may apply. By comparing prices, exploring generic alternatives, and maximizing Costco’s cost-saving programs, you can make the most of your prescription drug savings at Costco.


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