Does Walmart Deliver To Australia?

If you’re an Australian shopper, you may have wondered whether Walmart delivers to your location. Walmart is a massive retailer that offers a wide variety of products, from groceries to clothing to electronics. They have an extensive online store that ships to many countries around the world.

In this article, we’ll answer the question of whether Walmart delivers to Australia and what you need to know if you want to shop there.

Walmart’s Shipping Policy

Before we get into the details of Walmart’s delivery options for Australia, let’s look at their general shipping policy. Walmart offers several different shipping options, including standard shipping, two-day shipping, and next-day shipping. The availability of these options may depend on the item you’re purchasing, as well as your location.

Walmart also offers free two-day shipping on many items if you spend a certain amount of money. This amount may vary, so be sure to check the website for the latest information. Some items are not eligible for free two-day shipping, so double-check the product page before making your purchase.

Walmart’s International Shipping Options

Now let’s talk about Walmart’s international shipping options. Walmart ships to many countries around the world, but unfortunately, Australia is not one of them. If you try to have an item shipped to an Australian address, you will receive an error message stating that the item cannot be shipped to your location.

Alternative Options for Australian Shoppers

While Walmart does not offer direct shipping to Australia, there are still ways for Australian shoppers to access Walmart’s products. One option is to use a package forwarding service. These services allow you to have items shipped to a US address and then forwarded on to your Australian address.

Another option is to use an international shopping service, such as MyUS or ShopMate. These services allow you to shop at US retailers and have your purchases shipped to a US address. The service will then forward the items on to your Australian address.

What to Consider Before Using a Forwarding Service

While using a forwarding service or international shopping service can be a great way to access Walmart’s products from Australia, there are a few things to consider before using one of these services.

First, you’ll need to factor in the cost of the service itself, as well as any additional customs or import fees you may need to pay. Additionally, you’ll need to consider the shipping time, as packages may take longer to arrive when using a forwarding service.


How long does it take for Walmart to ship to Australia?

Walmart does not offer direct shipping to Australia, but using a package forwarding service can typically take 7-14 business days.

Can I buy from Walmart online and pick up in store in Australia?

Walmart does not have any physical stores in Australia, so it is not possible to buy online and pick up in store.

Does Walmart have an international website for Australia?

Walmart does not have a dedicated website for Australia, but you can use a package forwarding service to have items shipped to you in Australia.

Can I track my Walmart package to Australia?

If you use a package forwarding service, you will typically be able to track your package using the tracking number provided by the service.

Are there any restrictions on the items that can be shipped to Australia from Walmart?

Yes, there may be restrictions on certain items due to customs regulations or shipping restrictions. It’s important to check with the package forwarding service or customs regulations before making your purchase.


In conclusion, Walmart does not currently offer direct shipping to Australia, but there are a few options available for Australian customers who want to purchase items from Walmart.

Using a package forwarding service like MyUS can be a cost-effective option for getting items shipped to Australia, and Walmart’s customer service department is available to answer any questions you may have. With a little bit of research and planning, you can successfully purchase items from Walmart and have them shipped to your doorstep in Australia.

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