Does Walmart Deliver Wedding Cakes?

If you’re looking for a cheap wedding cake, Walmart is a great option. They offer a variety of flavors and sizes, and you can even order custom cakes. Plus, they deliver!

So if you’re short on time or don’t want to deal with the hassle of picking up your cake, Walmart is a great choice.

How Much is a Two Tier Wedding Cake at Walmart?

A two-tier wedding cake at Walmart typically costs between $50 and $100. The cost will depend on the size of the cake, the number of tiers, the type of frosting, and any special decorations.

Does the Walmart Bakery Actually Bake?

The Walmart bakery is a full-fledged bakery that offers a wide variety of baked goods, including breads, cakes, cookies, pastries, and more. The bakery also offers custom cakes for special occasions. While the Walmart bakery does not have its own baking facilities, all of its baked goods are delivered fresh from local bakeries.

Is It Cheaper to Do a Wedding Cake Or Cupcakes?

Assuming you are asking if it is cheaper to make a wedding cake or cupcakes for a wedding, the answer is generally cupcakes. The ingredients for cupcakes are typically less expensive than those for a cake and they take less time to bake.

Decorating cupcakes can also be cheaper and quicker than decorating a cake since each individual cupcake can be simply frosted and/or decorated with sprinkles rather than needing more elaborate designs.

How Do You Ask for a Cake Order?

When it comes to ordering a cake, there are a few things you’ll need to take into consideration. First, you’ll need to decide what kind of cake you’d like. There are many different flavors and styles of cake available, so be sure to ask your baker what kinds they offer.

Once you’ve decided on a flavor, you’ll need to decide on a size and shape. Again, your baker will be able to help you with this based on the number of people you’re expecting at your event. You’ll need to choose any special decorations or toppings for your cake.

These can range from simple icing designs to elaborate sugar flowers. Be sure to discuss all of your options with your baker before making a decision. Once you have all of these details figured out, it’s time to place your order!

The best way to do this is by giving your baker a call or stopping by their shop in person. This way, they can get all the information they need from you and answer any questions that you might have about the process.

If possible, it’s always helpful to have an idea of when you’ll need the cake ready so that they can make sure it will be done in time for your event.

With all that taken care of, sit back and relax – your delicious cake will be on its way!

Walmart Cake Order Catalog

Need a custom cake for a special occasion? Walmart has you covered! With our convenient online ordering system, you can customize your cake to fit your event perfectly.

To get started, simply browse through our catalog of cakes and choose the one that best fits your needs. Then, select the size and flavor you want. We have a variety of flavors available, including chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Next, enter the date of your event and any special instructions you may have. Once we receive your order, one of our talented Bakery associates will create a beautiful cake just for you!

Walmart Custom Cupcakes

No matter the occasion, Walmart has you covered with their selection of custom cupcakes. You can choose from a variety of flavors, fillings, and frostings to create the perfect treat for your event. And best of all, they’re affordable!

Whether you’re looking for a fun birthday cake or an elegant wedding cake, Walmart’s custom cupcakes are a great option. You can even have them decorated with a special message or design.

Walmart Bakery

The Walmart Bakery is a great place to find affordable baked goods. They have a wide variety of items to choose from, including cakes, cookies, pies, and more. The staff is always friendly and willing to help you find what you’re looking for.

Prices are very reasonable, making the Walmart Bakery a great option for budget-minded shoppers.

Walmart Custom Cakes

Walmart is one of the most popular places to purchase a custom cake for any occasion. They offer a wide variety of flavors, fillings, and designs to choose from. The process is simple – just order online or in-store, and pick up your cake on the date you specify.

Walmart cakes are affordable and delicious, making them a great option for anyone looking for a special treat.

Walmart Bakery Cupcakes

Walmart Bakery Cupcakes are a delicious and convenient treat that you can pick up at your local Walmart store. With a variety of flavors to choose from, there’s a cupcake for everyone at Walmart! Here’s what you need to know about Walmart Bakery cupcakes:

Types of Cupcakes: There are four different types of cupcakes offered by the Walmart Bakery- vanilla, chocolate, marble, and strawberry. All of these flavors come in both regular and mini sizes. Prices start at just $0.88 per cake!

Toppings and Fillings: Each cupcake comes with its own unique topping or filling- there’s everything from buttercream frosting to chocolate ganache to marshmallow fluff! You can also request special toppings or fillings if you have something specific in mind.

Cupcake Cakes: If you need a larger cake for an event or party, Walmart offers cupcake cakes which are made up of 12 regular-sized cupcakes arranged in the shape of a cake.

These cakes start at just $9.98 and come in all four flavor varieties.

H-E-B Custom Cakes

If you’re looking for a custom cake in Texas, there’s no better place to go than H-E-B. With over 100 locations across the state, H-E-B is sure to have a store near you. And, with their wide variety of cakes, you’re sure to find the perfect cake for your event.

No matter what kind of event you’re planning, H-E-B has a cake for it. Whether you need a birthday cake, wedding cake, baby shower cake, or just a special treat, H-E-B has got you covered. They even have custom cakes for corporate events!

When it comes to flavor, H-E-B has something for everyone. From classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate to more unique flavors like red velvet and carrot cake, there’s something for everyone at H-E-B. And, if you can’t decide on just one flavor, they offer multi-flavored cakes as well!

If you have allergies or dietary restrictions, don’t worry – H-E-B has got you covered there too. They offer both gluten free and dairy free options so that everyone can enjoy their custom cakes. So whether you need a simple sheet cake or an extravagant tiered cake, be sure to head to your local H-E=B store.

With their wide selection and great prices, they’ll help make your event extra special!

Walmart Cakes

Walmart cakes are a popular option for budget-conscious shoppers looking for an affordable cake option. The grocery store offers a wide variety of cake flavors, fillings, and sizes to choose from.

Walmart cakes start at just $9.98, making them a fraction of the cost of other bakeries.

One downside of Walmart cakes is that they often require advance notice to order. However, if you plan ahead, Walmart can be a great option for an inexpensive and delicious cake.

Custom Cakes near Me

Looking for a custom cake shop near you? Look no further! Here at Cake Avenue, we specialize in creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind cakes for all occasions.

Whether you need a birthday cake, wedding cake, or any other type of custom cake, we can help! We work with each client to create a unique design that fits their vision and budget. Contact us today to get started on your custom cake order!


If you’re looking for a wedding cake on a budget, Walmart is a great option. They offer tiered cakes in a variety of flavors and sizes, starting at just $50. And if you need it delivered, they offer free shipping to most stores.

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