Is Walmart Delivery Free in Canada?

As the convenience of online shopping continues to gain popularity, major retailers like Walmart have expanded their delivery services to cater to the needs of customers in Canada.

This article explores the various aspects of Walmart’s delivery options in Canada, with a focus on whether the delivery service is free.

Is Walmart delivery free in Canada?
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Walmart Delivery Services in Canada

2.1 Walmart Online Grocery Delivery

Walmart offers online grocery delivery to customers across Canada, allowing them to shop for their daily essentials from the comfort of their homes. This service enables shoppers to select their preferred products and have them delivered directly to their doorstep.

2.2 Walmart In-Store Delivery

In addition to online grocery delivery, Walmart also provides in-store delivery options in certain locations. Customers can place orders online and have them delivered to a nearby Walmart store for convenient pickup.

Walmart+ Membership Program

3.1 Benefits of Walmart+ in Canada

Walmart+ is a membership program designed to enhance the shopping experience for frequent Walmart customers. In Canada, subscribers can enjoy a range of benefits, including free delivery on eligible orders, discounts on fuel at select gas stations, and more.

3.2 Subscription Plans and Pricing

Walmart+ offers different subscription plans to suit the needs of its customers. The plans come with monthly or annual pricing options, making it accessible to a wide range of shoppers.

Free Delivery Options at Walmart Canada

4.1 Free Shipping on Eligible Orders

For customers who do not wish to subscribe to Walmart+, there are still opportunities to receive free delivery on certain orders. Walmart occasionally offers promotions and deals that include free shipping on eligible purchases.

4.2 Walmart+ Free Delivery

Subscribers to Walmart+ can take advantage of the program’s primary benefit – free delivery on eligible orders. This perk is especially advantageous for customers who frequently shop at Walmart.

Minimum Order Requirements for Free Delivery

5.1 Online Grocery Delivery Minimums

While Walmart offers free delivery on online grocery orders, there are specific minimum order requirements that customers must meet to qualify for this service.

5.2 In-Store Delivery Minimums

Similarly, in-store delivery may also have minimum order requirements that customers should be aware of to avail themselves of the service.

Delivery Timeframes and Availability

6.1 Same-Day Delivery

Walmart strives to provide prompt and efficient delivery services to its customers. Depending on the location and availability, same-day delivery options may be accessible for select products.

6.2 Next-Day Delivery

For customers seeking a speedy delivery option, Walmart’s next-day delivery service can be a convenient choice for eligible orders.

Walmart Pickup Options in Canada

7.1 Free Curbside Pickup

In addition to home delivery, Walmart offers free curbside pickup, allowing customers to place orders online and collect them from their local Walmart store without leaving their vehicles.

7.2 Walmart In-Store Pickup

For shoppers who prefer to shop in-store but want to save time, Walmart provides an in-store pickup option, where customers can place orders online and collect them at the store’s designated pickup location.

Walmart Marketplace Delivery

8.1 Delivery Options for Marketplace Items

Walmart’s online marketplace offers a vast selection of products from third-party sellers. The delivery options for marketplace items may vary, and customers should review the individual seller’s policies.

8.2 Shipping Costs and Timelines

Shipping costs and delivery timelines for marketplace items depend on the seller’s location and shipping preferences.

Walmart Canada’s Shipping Policy

9.1 Shipping Rates for Standard Delivery

Walmart Canada has a transparent shipping policy that outlines the shipping rates for standard delivery based on factors such as order value, destination, and shipping method.

9.2 Shipping Restrictions and Exclusions

Certain products or locations may be subject to shipping restrictions or exclusions due to various factors, including product size, weight, or legal restrictions.

Walmart Return Policy for Delivered Items

Customers who encounter issues with their delivered orders can rely on Walmart’s comprehensive return policy, ensuring that they can receive refunds or replacements for damaged or incorrect items.


  1. Is Walmart delivery free for everyone in Canada? Walmart offers free delivery on eligible orders for Walmart+ subscribers. However, occasional free shipping promotions may be available to all customers.
  2. What are the benefits of a Walmart+ membership in Canada? Walmart+ members in Canada enjoy perks such as free delivery on eligible orders and discounts on fuel at select gas stations.
  3. Are there minimum order requirements for Walmart’s online grocery delivery in Canada? Yes, there may be minimum order requirements for online grocery delivery at Walmart. Customers should check the specific details on the website.
  4. Can I get same-day delivery from Walmart in Canada? Depending on your location and product availability, same-day delivery may be an option for select items.
  5. Does Walmart provide delivery options for marketplace items? Yes, Walmart’s marketplace includes third-party sellers who may offer their own delivery options and policies. Customers should review each seller’s information carefully.


In conclusion, Walmart provides a range of delivery options to cater to the diverse needs of its customers in Canada. From online grocery delivery to various pickup options, there are multiple ways to access Walmart’s products conveniently.

While Walmart+ subscribers enjoy the benefit of free delivery on eligible orders, other customers can still take advantage of occasional free shipping promotions and in-store pickup services.

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