11 Biggest Costco Competitors (USA + Globally)

Costco, with its 872 warehouses worldwide, has established itself as a retail giant with a staggering $242.29 billion in revenue in 2023 with a 6.18% year-over-year growth.

However, the retail landscape is dynamic, and Costco faces formidable competition from various players. Let’s delve into the 11 biggest competitors challenging Costco’s dominance.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club stands out as one of Costco’s closest competitors, operating as a wholesale retailer that caters to bulk purchases. The array of products, ranging from electronics and clothing to groceries, positions Sam’s Club as a major threat to Costco’s market share.


A retail behemoth, Walmart, is a prominent adversary to Costco. Despite variations in product quality, Walmart mirrors Costco’s offerings, spanning electronics, pet supplies, furniture, groceries, clothing, and more. With over 10,000 locations and a staggering $559 billion in U.S. revenue in 2020, Walmart poses a significant challenge.

11 Biggest Costco Competitors (USA + Globally)

The Schwarz Group

Operating globally, The Schwarz Group, with grocery stores like Kaufland and Lidl, emerges as a substantial competitor, particularly in international markets. Boasting over 12,900 stores across 33 countries, it competes with Costco in providing a diverse range of household products.

BJ’s Wholesale

Similar to Costco, BJ’s Wholesale operates as a wholesale club with over 200 locations in 17 states. Offering bulk purchases across various categories like groceries, apparel, electronics, and more, BJ’s Wholesale generated $13.191 billion in revenue in 2020, establishing itself as a leading wholesale club in America.

11 Biggest Costco Competitors (USA + Globally)


Aldi, with its focus on value brands, is a fierce competitor to Costco. With over 10,000 stores globally and $15 billion in U.S. revenue, Aldi’s popularity lies in providing affordable alternatives to name-brand products.


Originating from the UK, Tesco competes with Costco across 11 countries with 4,600 stores. With a revenue of 53 billion British pounds in 2020, Tesco offers a wide selection of household goods, clothing, and groceries, emphasizing high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

11 Biggest Costco Competitors (USA + Globally)


In the online realm, Amazon competes directly with Costco, boasting an extensive product range and a loyal customer base. Amazon’s diverse offerings and the added advantage of a loyal Prime membership base make it a robust competitor.


With over 2,800 locations in the U.S. and revenue exceeding billions in 2020, Kroger competes head-to-head with Costco. Kroger’s diverse product range, including electronics, groceries, clothing, and healthcare products, positions it as a formidable adversary.

11 Biggest Costco Competitors (USA + Globally)


Based in France, Carrefour operates over 12,225 stores in 30 countries, making it a direct competitor to Costco. Generating 70.7 billion euros in 2020, Carrefour’s focus on quality food products at affordable prices caters to a wide consumer base.

11 Biggest Costco Competitors (USA + Globally)

Auchan Retail

Specializing in quality and local produce, Auchan Retail, based in France, competes with Costco in providing fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. Operating in 13 countries with a 2020 revenue of 1.633 billion euros, Auchan Retail is a significant player in the grocery retail sector.

Best Buy

In the realm of electronics and home appliances, Best Buy competes with Costco, offering an extensive selection of the newest products. With 1,159 stores in the U.S. and Canada and a revenue of $47 billion in 2020, Best Buy poses a considerable challenge in this specific market segment.


  1. Is Costco only challenged in the U.S.?
    • No, Costco faces competition globally, with several competitors operating internationally.
  2. What sets Costco apart from its competitors?
    • Costco’s unique membership model and emphasis on bulk purchases set it apart, but competitors match its offerings in various categories.
  3. Do these competitors have online platforms?
    • Yes, many of Costco’s competitors, including Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy, operate online platforms.
  4. How does Aldi maintain lower prices?
    • Aldi’s focus on value brands, streamlined operations, and limited product selection contribute to maintaining lower prices.
  5. Which competitor poses the biggest threat to Costco?
    • It varies by market segment, but Walmart, Amazon, and Sam’s Club are consistently strong contenders.


Costco, despite its global success, faces robust competition from these 11 formidable players. The diversity in products, global reach, and commitment to offering quality at affordable prices make these competitors noteworthy. As the retail landscape evolves, Costco continues to navigate the challenges posed by these dynamic competitors.

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