How to Rate and Tips Walmart Delivery Driver: Ensuring a Seamless Experience

In this comprehensive guide, discover the best practices for tipping Walmart delivery drivers and how to rate their service. Learn about the optional tipping process, when and how to tip, and valuable tips for enhancing your delivery experience.


Walmart delivery drivers play a crucial role in ensuring that your online orders reach you promptly and efficiently. As a customer, you have the opportunity to show appreciation for their service through tipping. Understanding how to rate and tip Walmart delivery drivers can enhance your overall delivery experience while supporting these essential frontline workers.

Understanding the Importance of Tipping:

Tipping is a common practice in service industries, and it serves as a way to acknowledge and reward excellent service. For Walmart delivery drivers, tips provide additional income and recognition for their hard work and dedication.

By tipping generously, you can express gratitu

How to Rate and Tips Walmart Delivery Driver: Ensuring a Seamless Experience

de for a job well done and motivate drivers to continue delivering exceptional service.

Exploring Walmart’s Tipping Policy:

Before diving into the specifics of how to tip Walmart delivery drivers, it’s essential to understand the company’s tipping policy. Tips are entirely optional and go directly to the driver, providing them with an additional source of income. Customers have the flexibility to choose when and how much to tip, whether before or after placing an order or even after delivery.

The Flexibility of Tip Adjustment:

One unique aspect of Walmart’s tipping system is the ability for customers to adjust their tip amount after delivery. Whether you decide to tip in advance or wait until after receiving your order, you have up to 24 hours to modify the tip amount based on your satisfaction with the service provided.

Keep in mind:

  • Tips are optional and 100% go to the driver.
  • You have the flexibility to tip before, during, or after placing your order, as well as after delivery.
  • You can adjust your tip within 24 hours after receiving your delivery.
  • You have a window of 14 days to include a tip for your delivery driver if you decide to do so.

Adding a Tip Through Your Account:

To add a tip for items delivered from your local Walmart store, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select Account: Log in to your Walmart account to access your profile.
  2. Navigate to Purchase History: Locate the Purchase History section within your account settings.
  3. Choose the Order: Select the appropriate order for which you’d like to add a tip.
  4. Select Add Tip: Follow the prompts to add a tip to your delivery driver, expressing your appreciation for their service.
How to Rate and Tips Walmart Delivery Driver: Ensuring a Seamless Experience

Enhancing Your Delivery Experience:

Timing Your Tip:

While Walmart allows customers to tip before, during, or after delivery, timing your tip strategically can enhance your delivery experience. Consider waiting until after receiving your order to evaluate the service quality before finalizing the tip amount. This ensures that your tip accurately reflects the level of service provided.

Expressing Gratitude:

Tipping is not only a financial gesture but also a way to express gratitude for the efforts of Walmart delivery drivers. Adding a personalized thank-you note along with your tip can further demonstrate your appreciation and brighten the driver’s day.

Providing Constructive Feedback:

In addition to tipping, providing constructive feedback can help Walmart delivery drivers improve their service quality. Whether through the company’s feedback channels or directly to the driver, sharing specific insights about your delivery experience can contribute to ongoing improvement efforts.

Supporting Driver Well-Being:

Recognizing the demanding nature of their job, consider offering non-monetary gestures to support the well-being of Walmart delivery drivers. Simple acts of kindness, such as offering a cold beverage on hot days or assisting with package unloading, can make a meaningful difference in their day.

Spreading Positivity:

Encourage a culture of positivity and appreciation within your community by sharing your experiences with Walmart delivery drivers. Whether through social media posts, online reviews, or word-of-mouth recommendations, spreading positivity can uplift drivers and inspire others to do the same.

How to Rate and Tips Walmart Delivery Driver: Ensuring a Seamless Experience


  • Can I tip Walmart delivery drivers in cash? Yes, while tips can be added digitally through the Walmart platform, customers also have the option to tip delivery drivers in cash at the time of delivery.
  • What if I forget to tip my Walmart delivery driver? If you forget to add a tip during the ordering process or after delivery, you can still express your appreciation by contacting Walmart customer support to arrange a tip for the driver.
  • Is tipping mandatory for Walmart delivery drivers? Tipping Walmart delivery drivers is entirely optional, but it is greatly appreciated and contributes to their overall income and job satisfaction.
  • Can I adjust the tip amount after 24 hours? Once 24 hours have passed since the delivery, the option to adjust the tip amount may no longer be available. However, you can still contact customer support for assistance with any tip-related inquiries.
  • Do tips affect the delivery service quality? While tips can serve as a form of incentive, Walmart delivery drivers are committed to providing excellent service regardless of tipping. Tips are a way to show appreciation for their efforts rather than a requirement for quality service.
  • How can I ensure my tip reaches the driver? Walmart ensures that 100% of tips go directly to the delivery driver, providing them with additional income for their service.


Tipping Walmart delivery drivers is a simple yet impactful way to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication. By understanding the tipping process, timing your tip strategically, and providing feedback, you can contribute to a positive delivery experience for both yourself and the driver.

Remember, every tip counts towards supporting these essential frontline workers who play a vital role in bringing convenience and accessibility to your doorstep.

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