Does Costco Accept Instacart Returns?

In the age of online shopping and convenience, the partnership between Costco and Instacart has offered customers a seamless grocery shopping experience.

Costco, known for its wide selection of products at wholesale prices, teamed up with Instacart, a popular grocery delivery service. While the collaboration has been praised for its convenience, it raises questions about returns.

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Understanding Costco and Instacart:

Costco Wholesale Corporation is a well-known American multinational corporation that operates a chain of membership-only warehouse clubs. The company offers a diverse range of products, including groceries, electronics, clothing, and more, all at competitive prices.

On the other hand, Instacart is an on-demand grocery delivery and pick-up service that allows customers to shop from their favorite local stores through a user-friendly app.

Costco’s Return Policy:

Before delving into Instacart returns, it’s essential to understand Costco’s return policy. Costco is famous for its customer-friendly return policy, which guarantees satisfaction on every purchase.

Customers can return most items bought at Costco, either in-store or online, for a full refund. Exceptions to this policy include electronics and certain other items.

Returns in Costco Stores:

For items purchased directly from a Costco warehouse, customers can visit the store with the product and receipt to initiate the return process. Costco’s customer service is highly accommodating, making the return experience hassle-free.

Returns via Instacart:

When customers shop at Costco through Instacart, the return process can be a bit different. Since the purchase was made through Instacart, the return process is handled by Instacart.

Instacart’s Return Policy:

Instacart’s return policy is separate from Costco’s policy and is subject to Instacart’s terms and conditions. It’s crucial to understand Instacart’s return policy to avoid any confusion.

Does Costco Accept Instacart Returns?

The answer to this question requires clarification. Costco does not accept returns for orders placed directly through Instacart. Since Instacart acts as a third-party service, Costco cannot process returns for these purchases.

Differentiating between Costco and Instacart Returns:

To determine where to process a return, it is essential to differentiate between a purchase from Costco directly and a purchase made through Instacart. If the receipt shows “Instacart” as the seller, the return should be initiated through Instacart.

How to Return Items to Costco through Instacart?

If you need to return an item purchased through Instacart at Costco, follow these steps:

Step 1: Gathering Information:

Before starting the return process, ensure you have the order details, receipt, and reason for the return handy.

Step 2: Initiating the Return Process:

Contact Instacart’s customer service through the app or website and inform them of your intent to return the item.

Step 3: Packing the Items:

Pack the items securely in their original packaging to avoid damage during the return process.

Step 4: Returning the Items:

Once the return is approved by Instacart, you can drop off the items at a designated location or arrange for a pickup.

Important Considerations:

Several essential considerations should be kept in mind when dealing with Costco and Instacart returns:

Eligible Items for Return:

Not all items are eligible for return. It’s essential to check both Costco’s and Instacart’s return policies to understand what can be returned.

Return Window:

There is a time limit for returning items. Make sure to initiate the return within the specified period.

Condition of the Items:

Returned items should be in their original condition, with all packaging and tags intact.

Refund Process:

Refunds for returns made through Instacart may take some time to process. Be patient throughout the refund process.

Customer Experience with Costco and Instacart Returns:

Many customers have reported positive experiences with both Costco and Instacart returns. Their customer-centric approach ensures that issues are resolved promptly, leading to customer satisfaction.


Can I return items purchased directly from Costco to Instacart?

No, items purchased directly from Costco should be returned to Costco stores following their return policy.

Does Instacart offer refunds for returns?

Yes, Instacart provides refunds for eligible returns, subject to their return policy.

What if I have issues with my Instacart return?

If you encounter any problems during the return process, you can contact Instacart’s customer service for assistance.

Is there a fee for Instacart returns?

Instacart does not charge a fee for returns; however, certain items may be subject to restocking fees per their policy.

Can I exchange items through Instacart?

Instacart generally does not support direct exchanges. Customers can initiate a return and then purchase the desired item separately.


In conclusion, while Costco maintains an excellent return policy, it is essential to differentiate between purchases made directly at Costco and those made through Instacart. Costco does not accept returns for Instacart purchases, and customers need to follow Instacart’s return process in such cases.

By understanding the procedures involved and considering the important factors, customers can navigate the return process with ease and continue enjoying the benefits of Costco and Instacart’s partnership.

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